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I've tried the jig and other ways, I when back to doing them by hand because it was actually quicker, but then I don't do a lot of dovetailing anymore.
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I've got all of them from PC to Leigh. I like the Leigh with the split fingers because I can get variable width tails. I don't like that the fingers move if not tightened correctly and that can mess up a piece.

I have several of the fixed width finger Leigh jigs. Nice but I lose the variable width tails. For 60-80% of my work they are the go-to jig for me.

I have 2 Porter cable jigs. They are the old monster ones. One is set up for 1/4" DTs which no other jig will do. It is great for small boxes. The other is for normal 1/2 blind DTs. What I don't like about the PC jigs is the box height is determined by the jig. With fixed spacing the DTs have to end in certain places and so the DTs determine the box height.

You cannot go wrong with Leigh jigs. It is nice to by the 24" model because it will fit nearly everything.

Oh, I also have all the templates for the Leigh 24" jig and I have used them a bunch of times. The Finger joint jig is great. The fancy bear's ears and other joints are fun to do.

Finally one can do inlaid DTs with the variable width Leigh jigs. No other joint I have ever made gets more attention then that one does, hands down. Takes a lot of time to get it right and get it working right, but once done, it is very cool.
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I've got the D4, does everything I could ask of it.  Yeah its a bit more complicated than other DT jigs, but it also has the best manual, walks you through everything.  Not hard to use if you follow the manual. And once you've done one joint you don't have to consult the manual again....until you put it away for 6 months and then want to use it again. But 2 minutes with the manual and I'm cutting dovetails again.

if I was looking for one, I'd watch craigslist for a D4.

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I picked up a used Akeda a few years back, has worked well, what little I've used it.
Same as others, I have to re-learn every time I use it.  Sigh

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Have you considered getting an Incra LS system for your router table?  Way more versatile than DT jig.
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I ended up getting a Leigh D4R pro.
It is assembled and hopefully will be cutting dovetails tomorrow.

I plan on getting a dovetail guide to cut dovetails by hand also.
There are a few special projects I have been planning, that I would like to make with only hand tools.

Thanks everyone for your input.
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Cool beans. You won't be disappointed with the Leigh.
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(08-22-2016, 02:11 PM)®smpr_fi_mac® Wrote: Cool beans.  You won't be disappointed with the Leigh.

I agree with Brad.  You can make several things to make it easier to use.  I have it attached to a board that's 6" wider on both ends with a hole drilled in one end (I can hang it on the wall then and it's out of the way, but easily available).  Also, a stand for it like this one that makes it easier to hold longer boards to be dovetailed:

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I was glad I borrowed my friend's Leigh DT jig before buying one.  Beautifully made and way too complicated.  Mostly I disliked it because you have to hold and move the router through each cut; I just found that awkward, subject to tipping which causes error, and tiring on my hands.  I went back to my original Leigh Jig which is stupid simple and can cut finger joints and dovetails with fixed or variable spacing.  And it fits the way I like to work better, with the router mounted in the table and me holding the wood.  With thru DT's you can clamp a whole stack of parts together and cut all the tails or all the pins at once.  With half blind DT's you have to cut the pin boards one at a time, but you can cycle through the parts and make the cut at each position before indexing the jig to the next position.  I guess I just like simple.  

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I own a Porter Cable 24" Omnijig. I bought it (and every accessory) when it was on closeout pricing.

Quite a machine.

I am not sure why they decided to abandon the product. Pricing? Perception of being too complicated? IDK
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