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I'm looking for a sturdy & space efficient bed for my GS. But he sleep walks from time to time so I need rails. I've done the normal on line search but nothing really caught my eye. The design isn't really an issue but need help with the sturdy construction. Any insight would be appreciated. Would also prefer something that can be disassembled if needed. Thanks in advance
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I've used brass inserts and connector bolts from Lowe's with great success.
A halflap would work just fine.

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I built a child's loft bed from a design I got from PlansNow. It's sturdy and attractive and uses lumber and hardware I got from Home Depot. It can be taken apart. The design calls for a desk underneath, and I've used it that way. I've also converted it to a bunk bed. If you PM me I can send you the plans.
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When I build a loft bed I laminate up the posts from three boards and pre-cut the mortise into the centre of the glue-up. This then matches up with the 6x1 that I use for the bed rail. A couple of screws or pegs to hold this in place securely, and can  knocked apart again later if needed.

Overbuilt, but it's not going to come apart. Big Grin

[Image: IMG_2452_zps8quhwblk.jpg]

The T&G panels around the desk are braced to firm up the whole structure and stop it wobbling, and there are centre legs at the back of the desk that help support the bed frame.
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I've made beds for all my kids--bunk beds, loft beds, etc.  I've generally used a head/foot assembly that's mortised-and-tenoned together, and the rails are attached to the ends with half-lapped dovetails pinned with carriage bolts.  That way it can be disassembled if necessary.  So far they've been very sturdy.

[Image: BunkBeds7-2013Done_zps57789769.jpg]

We have high ceilings in our old house, which allowed for the triple-decker construction.  The ladder is affixed to the end of the bed with several screws. 

If I were to build something like what you're describing, I'd do exactly what I did here, but leave the bottom open.  It's all 2X6s and 2X4s, so it's quite sturdy.  The kids are older now, and they haven't been able to break it yet. And nobody's fallen out, either.
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Like bibliophile, I made a triple, but mainly because I have 11 grandchildren that visit a couple times a year.   The end panels are done with loose tenon joinery and are one piece.   The rails are on with heavy-duty bed rail fasteners and the guard rails are unglued loose tenons.   Made from #1 SYP 2x10, ripped down to yield (mostly) quarter-sawn stock.   The end has an integral ladder that eliminates another footprint.  Mattress and springy slats (laminated veneer) from IKEA.

[Image: dc6ee490-a688-4699-b963-30eb1e67468d.jpg]
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I made this for our daughter. The ends are one piece units and the three rails attach with bed rail fasteners like these from Rockler.

All mortise and tenon construction using poplar since it is painted. Just used a old desk repainted for underneath.
The ladder shown in the second pic hooks over the top rail.
[Image: DtoLj50jRfgh1VhwaewxbGihzkgouVc_XtwELGZf...33-no?.jpg]
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I ended up going with a suspended loft bed ... 2 cables are anchored to joists in attic, with a cleat on back wall.  This was 6 years ago, and at 16, he still loves it (opens up lots of space underneath).  If you're a Chicago Bears fan, even better!

[Image: room_post_1_1.jpg]
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Yeah, suspended is another good option. But the idea is the same, you free up floor space to put a desk and/or dresser. Makes better use of a small house like ours. Big Grin

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