7.5hp Arco Roto-Phase RPC and accessories
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I just took this RPC out of service in my garage shop. 7.5hp largest motor, 20hp total load rating. My primary use was supply for a 5hp 3ph Powermatic 72 table saw, plus a couple other smaller devices on occasion. I purchased the Roto-Phase a few years ago, and believe I am the second owner. It is now disconnected so cannot be shown in use, but I was just using it over the weekend.

I added some wiring configurations and accessories that make it more convenient for use in my shop. The configuration is as follows:

- 50-amp two-pole (i.e., 240v) circuit breaker;
- breaker supply lines feed a 40-amp three-fuse disconnect;
- disconnect output feeds a properly sized motor switch that powers the RPC motor on/off;
- output from the RPC feeds a NEMA 20-amp three-phase receptacle in a steel enclosure;
- your matching machine plug connects to the powered receptacle. 

Other than the fused disconnect, which was wall-mounted next to the breaker box, all components are mounted on a small, integrated pallet/skid that can be moved around up to about 10' if needed. Not easy due to weight, but feasible. Fused disconnect assembly, switch, and receptacle/box were all purchased new about four years ago from a local commercial electrical dealer. Cost of wiring and components totaled > $300 when purchased new.

$750 for everything, pickup only in south SF Bay in next two weeks. 

Thanks for looking.
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That's a great deal if someone needs three phase in a small shop. I have an Arco 5hp and two 10hp powering my machines in two different buildings. You can also run this in parallel with another convertor to run larger motors. For example, Arco sent me a diagram to setup my 5hp and a 10hp to run my 15 hp widebelt sander. Unlike most of the convertors you see advertised, an Arco can start its stated horsepower with a normal load. Most of those "price is too good to be true" convertors have to be way oversized.
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