What size shop works for you?
LOML may have agreed to letting me build a shop

I'd love to have a HUGE building but she will insist on some sanity in picking the size.

Also I want one side for my truck project and the other side will have my woodworking area.

Right now I'm trying to work in a 1-1/2 car garage space and things are cramped.

So what size have you found to be "big enoug"???
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When I keep it clean, 16' X 32' X 11' works for me--all woodworking, no truck project.

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I use a small one car garage size and that works for me. I would love to have a much larger shop though.
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32 x 40 would work for me. I want to be able to pull a vehicle in during bad weather and do the maintenance and repairs.

Otherwise, just for a shop (I do metalworking and woodworking) I'd be ok with 24 x 24.
As of today, I am moving from my already small 9x21 into a 6x21 space further cramped by my furnace and water heater.
But I think it will work out.
It sorta has to.
It is either this, or I take up stamps.....
We moved to a property in 2014 that has a separate outbuilding.  That outbuilding has two levels.  The ground level is 25' X 44' interior dimensions.  The second level is a 700 sq ft unfinished loft.  I use it for storage of seasonal items and some stuff that just doesn't get used much.

The main level is split into two sides.  One side is woodworking, the other side is for wood storage, ladders, machines like mower, tiller, ATV, snowblower, concrete mixer, ladders, and so on.

It's big enough.  Don't know your desire, but if you want to condition the space (heat or A/C), the bigger it is, the more costly it is to do.

Just as important as square footage, in my mind, is ceiling height.  Ceiling in the shop is 12 feet. Overhead doors are 8 1/2 feet tall at the opening.
I have 20 X 20 and would like 20 X 30 at least. 40 would be great to add a small spray finishing area.
26 x 30 for me.  Contractor had just built one. 10 ft ceilings, storage above.  I have 2 x 6 walls and ceilings and insulate.  I would strongly recommend you get the best insulation you can afford.  I also requested a double door instead of an overhead one.  I did not want to drive a car in and the smaller door helps reduce condensation on your tools.  Good luck...Tom
I think you need to consider:

What machines do you have and how much room is needed to safely and efficiently operate them? For example,  over 16' if you rip a sheet of plywood on the TS. Same goes for a jointer and planer.  Do you plan on buying any more machines -- how much room will they require?

If you have a table saw, do you have/need a cut off table?  Fence capacity -- is it 30", 36", or 52" fence? Long rails take up room.

How much room does your workbench and other work stations need -- access on 4 sides or against the wall?

Will you need an assembly table?

Do you want/need wood storage?

Will dust collection and/or air compressor "reside" in the shop, a closed off closet, or enclosed outside?

Need/want a separate dust free finishing area?

What type of work do you want to do and how much room will be needed?

Will your truck area have a mechanics chest or any other vehicle-related tools?

Overhead door, access door, and windows take up space. High windows allow for storage/work areas beneath and keep out "prying eyes. "Will this be a free standing shop or an "add on"?

Do not forget about insulation, heating, and cooling. I would recommend quality windows and the maximum amount of insulation in the walls/celling. Energy costs are not going to become cheaper.
My detached shop is 24 x36' and  also has my reloading bench and reloading component storage in it. It can be tight at times. I would not mind a 40x60' building. That way I could shoot 50' .22  indoor targets in the winter....
40x64 with a 16x64 addition, so 3500 sqft. It's full, but room for 2 vehicles if I keep it clean and tidy.
11' side walls, 6" walls. 20" of blowed figerglass insulation above. All dust piping is in the floor.


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