Need advice on how to do something
Great news, been wondering how this was going to play out.

>>>>>Wife still thinks I'm the man.  woohoo.>>>>

Enjoy!! You deserve the hero worship.

I've only had dog beers.

"You can see the stars and still not see the light"
The Eagles: Already Gone
nice to see it worked out
Let us not seek the Republican Answer , or the Democratic answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future  John F. Kennedy 

I was lucky in how the installer had added the crown around the top of the finished wall of cabinets. The inside miter wasn't nailed or glued at the joint, so the whole thing came out together. And nine foot ceilings allowed for the thing to be tipper over. I couldn't get it outdoors but near an open door. Still some cleanup of dust but my helper was glad to do her part.
WooHoo awesome


I miss the days of using my dinghy with a girlfriend too. Zack Butler-4/18/24

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

Can the shelf be raised?I have a similar problem in my kitchen. The new refrigerator made it under the cabinet with no room to spare. The vinyl flooring needs replacing. I will have to remove old flooring and 1/4" plywood for about 3/8" gain in height. For laminate flooring I might make it without modifying the cabinet.Ceramic tile over wonderboard is an option but the cabinet must be modified.I probably will have to make a new one .Trimming the bottom rail won't look right as it has raised panel doors .I made the cabinets 30 years ago so making a new one isn't a big deal.

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