Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw
I need help on deciding which bandsaw I should get.  

I currently have the Craftsman 10" bandsaw that Sears currently sells but it only has 4 5/8" of resaw capacity.   I plan to start making Hal Taylor's rocking chair sometime next year (already got the plans and templates years ago), and to make this chair requires a bandsaw with 8" of resaw capacity to make the headrest.   I considered getting the Craftsman 14" bandsaw with 8" resaw capacity that's currently on sale for $408 but decided against it when I found out it only has 1HP, and I think I need at least 2HP to resaw 8".   The next best bandsaw that meets my requirement (>=8" resaw capacity, >=2HP) seems to be the Grizzly G0513 bandsaws, so I think I will either get the G0513ANV or G0513X2 for $230 more.   

G0513ANV is $895+$99 shipping,  G0513X2 is $1125+$99 shipping.

The only differences between the two:
G0513X2 has cast iron wheels, and G0513ANV cast aluminum
G0513X2 has cast iron trunnions, G0513ANV steel trunnions
G0513X2 has double ball bearing blade guides, G0513ANV has euro-style roller disc blade guides
G0513X2 has cast iron fence with aluminum resaw fence;  G0513ANV has an aluminum fence

Are the upgrades on the G0513X2 worth $230?   Which one would you get?   This will be my last bandsaw purchase.  

  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I have the G0513x2.  If you want it to be your last bandsaw then why not  spend the extra $230.  The fence is really nice.  The cast iron wheels are worth the money.  The G0513X2 has done everything I asked of it.  If I would have had the money at the time I would have purchased the G0514x2 just cuz it's bigger.
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  Re: RE: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by CARYinWA (I have the G0513x2. ...)
Dickie, I had a similar choice to make a few years ago and went with the x2. My main reason was that I had not read good reviews of the Euro-style guides. Very happy with the x2.
  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I was in the same place as you are 4 years ago, and what resonates for me is your comment that its the last bandsaw you would buy.  I felt the same way, and was going to buy the G0513X2, then considered what I would get for a bit more, and settled on the G0514X2 for 3hp, more substantial machine, larger table, great resaw fence (which was important for me) and foot brake.  Yeah, the price was $500 more, but it was a real upgrade and in the end you get what you pay for, so I did it and don't regret it for a minute.  You are in the same position, albeit with two different machine choices, so I'd say go for the better machine or you'll be second guessing yourself later.
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  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I was also in the same boat around 5-years ago and asked the same question. Answers were the cast wheels and trunnions are well worth the price so I purchased the X2. I think back then the X2 also had a larger cast top too. Only slight regret is I wish I bought it with the brake. The massive cast wheels that help maintain speed under load take forever to come to a stop.

  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I have the bigger 19" saw but at the time they offered variants similar to what you're facing. Short answer, yes it's worth the $230. The trunnion was the deal breaker for me.

  Re: RE: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by WaterlooMarc (I have the bigger 19...)
While high quality Euro guides are great (especially for wider blades) the ones on the 513 are horrible and particularly difficult to adjust compared to the bearing guides of the X2.  While I am not a fan of guides that use small bearings in this case they are much better than the alternative.  The 513X2F with the foot brake is relly the best choice in the 513 range, the safety and convenience of the foot brake is hard to ignore but it is $150 more than the X2.
  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
I own the G0513 and it is a very decent saw...
  • The trunnion difference is a non-factor for normal use
  • The CI wheels vs. Al wheels again makes little difference in actual use
  • The blade guides is a preference thing... I like the bearing guides better but the Euro guides work fine IME
  • The fence is a big deal... the X2 fence is so much nicer than the ANV
If I were to purchase the saw again I would purchase the X2 simply because the fence upgrade is significant. IIRC the fence runs around $150 all by itself so, the other upgrades really don't cost that much if the X2 is only $230 more. My G0513 has an upgraded fence on it because the OEM fence was so crappy. There was a point when my G0513 was my dedicated resaw machine and it worked flawlessly in that capacity. I used 1" Lenox Tri-master bands and I don't recall ever having an issue with it bogging down or anything... it just did it's job. Now the G0513 is my smaller saw and it is dedicated to curved work and actually has a Carter Stabilizer on it to accomplish that task. Again, I have no complaints about the saw in that capacity either. To summarize the G0513ANV is going to be a great saw outside of the fence BUT if you are going to upgrade the fence then you may as well buy the X2 with the other upgrades for the minimal cost bump.

With that being said I would seriously look at the Rikon 10-345. IIRC in the past it would go on sale for $999 (not sure if it still gets that low). This saw is just a better saw IMHO and is comparable in size and specs with the G0514 line of bandsaws. This saw is more robust than the Grizzly saws. Again, I think the Grizzly saws are great but IMO the Rikon is better and costs about the same $$$. The only downer I have on the Rikon is again the OEM fence isn't great... the fence is slightly better than the G0513ANV but much worse than the X2. I actually have the nicer Grizzly fence on my Rikon 10-345! Winkgrin 

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  Re: RE: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by Lumber Yard® (I own the G0513 and ...)
HP is your friend for resawing.  You can get by with 1.5 HP at 10" resaw height, but 2 HP is better, and 3 HP is a whole bunch better and can easily handle 12 - 14".  Same thing with cast iron; mass is your friend, both in the wheels and the rest of the machine.  My advise is to go with the biggest, heaviest, most powerful saw you can afford.  No one ever complains about their saw being too big or too powerful or too heavy.   Whatever you buy, invest in one or two high quality blades specifically made for resawing.  You can't get good results with cheap blades.  My eyes about jumped out of my head the first time I saw what a Woodmaster CT can do.  

  Re: Grizzly G0513ANV vs G0513X2 bandsaw by dickE (I need help on decid...)
if those are the only two on your radar, the X2 would be the easy choice.

Ill never buy a BS with anything but CI wheels.

I have 2 BS, the smaller has alum trunions, and I already cracked it once. They aren't real durable when there is a little stress from a big board.

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