George's Plane Pt. 3
When I went looking at useless piles of rust in a couple of antique stores for a donor plane to replace the frog on George's type #13 plane, I did find a couple of #7s . #7s in the wild here are rare. They were a Made In USA type 18 and a Made In Can type #19. Neither alone was worth the effort, but together a usable plane could be made. My oldest son also likes collecting old tools and his birthday is coming up so a plane tuned up by dad could be in order.So I went back and got hosed. Though, $80 for the pair and the $20 I paid for George's  ,I guess all together that isn't too bad for two #7s.  He's fond of Pope&Talbot Falcon brand planes, he has a #4 and #5, likely the only sizes imported into Canada.

I guess shouldn't have been surprised that the frog off the type #19 would fit the type #13, but was. Except that on the type #13 the slot between the front feet of the frog was milled for mating with the rib. The type #19 frog had been missing it's lateral adjuster but this time with  better cast iron and a heavier casting, I was able to replace it. 

Of the three, except for the blade, the type#19 was the better plane. The George's type #13 had a Record 2 1/4" , so I wouldn't know about it's blade. 

So George's plane should be finished today.
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Good work. I love it when the planes get back into the workforce.
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