Gray Ridgid Jointer ( Update)
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when HD blew those out they went for about $140 IIRC I bought about 15 of them and sold them on CL for $250.  I never opened a box so I can't tell you about the quality of the machines.  I remember the original price being about $400.  If it were me I would hold out for an 8" machine but to be honest I don't know what your area has with regard to used machinery
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  Re: Gray Ridgid Jointer ( Update) by digger (Looking for an opini...)
It's times like this where your location info is important. Used tools in Ohio are much less than the same tool in Cali. I have seen NIB turn into a nightmare, and I have seen it be a super deal. Until that box is opened and plugged in, you and Forrest are both looking at a box-a=chawklettes Big Grin

I would still price it as used, and with no evidence it will run, I'd price it as HEAVILY used. So for me that would be 25% of new tops.

Edit to add: I have swapped and flipped tools my entire life, and I have had my share of NIB to sell as well. In all of those cases my add was: The condition of the tool will tell you it is new. I have just taken it out of the box so I can prove to you it will run for you as it was designed to.

That and Based on Bob's experience I think it would get me $250.00 to 300 bux.
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I'm in Rhode Island.
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Regarding condition , I bought a NIB orange model a few years back that I found at a pawn shop of all places.
Although it was still covered in cosmoline, it did have some rust on the beds and the fence.
Wasn't pitted but never got the stains out.

13 years in the box, I would look it over good before buying .

Just my .02
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The similar 6" Grizzly is $675 to your door for basically the same machine. I'd feel a lot better at $300-350 but if I needed and wanted a 6" jointer now $400 is still much better than $650-675 compared to buying new.

In KC, used 6" jointers worth a hoot are typically $300 give or take a bit. So $400 isn't a bad starting point for a seller regardless of what they paid for it.

Personally, I'd try my hand at a used 8" as well but there are many 6" owners always on the watch for an 8" as well. Not nearly as many 8" hit the used market like 6" do.

Jointers are simple machines and not much can wrong with them. Sitting for 13 years unused wouldn't bother me one bit. If it had been used the past 13 years would that make it better? I'd offer $325-350 to not offend the seller if I really needed and wanted a jointer soon. I think the grey versions had USA made Emerson motors.

I finally got a look at the jointer today. Turned out it was new, bought a year ago, by the guys father who died the day after he bought it.

Without the receipt you can register and still get the remaining 2 years on the warranty with the code on the motor plate.

I ended up paying $300 for it. I think I got a good deal.

You know, I thought it was gray, because of the picture on the box. I assumed the new one had a picture of an orange jointer. Felt a little

stupid about that one.   

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Enjoy your "new" jointer!
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I bought the orange one about 8 years works just fine for me...have fun
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