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I have a Hydropulse boiler. The parts are getting to the price of ridiculous!  The tune up kit is almost $200. It comes with a spark plug ( I can find it for $30) a gasket (red rubber, I can make) and something I can't figure out what material it is. These are flapper valves, made from a thin black rubber type material, the size of a dime. if I could figure out what this material is, I could make them too. These have to be heat resistant, as they allow natural gas to pass and then combust. There is only one place I can find to get the tune up kit from. The purge fan went way up in price, I now have three in stock that I have repaired. The bearings fail, causing the fan motor to turn too slow to ignite the boiler.

Any boiler guys? Help? Even an alternate supplier would help.

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  Re: Condensing Boiler by woodhead (I have a Hydropulse ...)
I hate to say it but your boiler is quickly becoming an orphan.  The burner technology is the same as the Lennox Pulse furnace.  It has officially been declared gonzo by Lennox and there were a lot more furnaces than boilers out there.  Its been superseded by designs that are much improved.  IMO you would be best served by looking at a replacement and unloading the old stuff on Craig's.
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Yea, when something major goes, I will have to move on. Until then any boiler that can take a natural gas flame, produce 180 degree water and leave the exhaust cooler than a hairdryer, is hard to get rid of.  New ones are pricey.

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Just did the 5 year tune up. Took 1 1/2 hours. I really took my time and cleaned up the burner area. Sounds better and came up to temp, cycled and restarted. All I can do at this point.


to add: I looked at Burnham Condensing boilers with an indirect WH...$5,500..00 for the parts without additional controls and circulators (need 2).
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  Re: RE: Condensing Boiler by woodhead (Just did the 5 year ...)
Veissmann Vitodens.

The unit itself is around $2500..

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