Ryobi DC saw
Any opinions on the Roybi  7 1/4 battery saw? Good ,bad or otherwise. Something small and light to take along for a couple of cuts?   Confused
  Re: Ryobi DC saw by bgosh (Any opinions on the ...)
you mean the cordless miter saw?
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  Re: Ryobi DC saw by bgosh (Any opinions on the ...)
I bought the Ryobi 5 1/2'' cordless just to take to the store so I could cut lumber to fit in the van (mostly sheet goods and 1x's).  I have also used it when I didn't want to drag out the Skill saw.  The Ryobi works extremely well and I am very pleased with it.  It works so well I kind of wish I had bought the larger saw.
  Re: Ryobi DC saw by bgosh (Any opinions on the ...)
I'm not aware of a cordless 7.25" saw from Ryobi. I have quite a few One+ tools including the 5.5 and 6.5" circular saws. The 5.5" is kind of "tinny" and noisy. The 6.5" is my go to. It has crosscut a lot of 6/4 cherry and it didn't even burp. I have not used either one for sheet goods or rips but I don't think the 6.5" saw would have a problem.

Edit to add: I just realized you might be talking about the cordless miter saw. ^Never mind!!^
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  Re: Ryobi DC saw by bgosh (Any opinions on the ...)
I have the new green version of the 18v miter saw and the older blue version. I like both and they work very well for what they are. The blue one seems to have a little more cut capacity if I recall correctly. For $99 though the new one is well worth it. On the big batteries you can get a decent amount of cuts out of it. I have a lot of batteries and several chargers, so I don't worry too much about run time. Also, if you haven't gone to the 4ah batteries yet they are well worth the $89-$99 price for a pair of them. I've been using them quite a bit for cutting pen blanks as it feels much safer than cutting small pieces of wood on my 12" slider.


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