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Frequently I come across posts where there is just a small icon for the picture and I can find no way to view the image. A recent example is a post by Tablesaw Tom. Some of his pictures appear, some just have an icon  ( ). In the first post there are icons and no pictures for the carving knives and for the 5-1/4 Bailey plane. There are several pictures vsible for the other plane.

Where does the problem lie? Is it something wrong on the poster's end or on mine? How do I resolve the problem?

-Al Heitz  ( wood2woodknot )

  Re: photos not visible by wood2woodknot (Frequently I come ac...)
In this case, it looks like the poster moved or deleted those images but left the dead links in his post, so there's nothing I can do about that. There is, however, a bug where images with capitalized extensions, aka. JPG instead of jpg, don't show up. I've not fixed that yet, so whenever you post an image, just be sure that your link contains all lower case letters in the extension.
  Re: RE: photos not visible by sysadmin (In this case, it loo...)
Okay, that bug is fixed now. It only affected attachments though, not embedded images.
  Re: RE: photos not visible by sysadmin (Okay, that bug is fi...)
So basically, it was a broken link. Good to know I'm not crazy (or incompetent). Thanks for your help.


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