Saw Stop/Bosch Patent Infringement
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Quote: "In the past, I hated using my Delta saw or Ridgid saw as cuts were not consistent. SawStop's saw fence is very robust."

Which Delta saw were you using?  Mine has a Biesemeyer fence.

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Mine was a Delta contractor saw, not with the Biesemeyer-style T-square rip fence and rail system.I think the newer Delta contractor saws are now equipped with such fence system.

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patents take a very long time to unravel. Bosch can just make market and sell the technology and litigate it later. I had a very smart attorney who was in hospice and still working a patent dispute case. It involved a grain trailer a competitor wanted to buy the small company because it was a great design. But they would not sell so Fruehauf bought a Cornhusker grain trailer and just started making and selling a exact copy of it.  They had plenty of legal advice and the small guy did not. It becomes a war of attrition. Bosch could buy  Saw Stop or just make it now litigate it later. 

It is very interesting to see all the tool patents Stanley owns and most were acquired as Stanley bought out competitors. today Stanley has acquired Newell.

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