Can't log in
This is Herb G. I can't log in under my user name, etc.
When I try to, I get sent to a blank pages that has the web address / member on it.
It won't let me log in.
  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
I'm having the same issue when I try to log from my PC.

Maybe we just got went.

I'm not having those issues using the iPad since I was logged in from the previous session.

It's is true, Apple just works.

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  Re: RE: Can't log in by FBranco (I'm having the same ...)
Same here...the login fails.

I'm logged in with an iPad that keeps a persistent Mac goes to a blank members.php page..
  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
Cant long in on IE 11
Log in on Firefox ok   Confused
  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
Confirmed - using Fred's suggestion:

1) Logout, close Chrome
2) Open Chrome, try to log in -
HTTP 500

Should be something in the logs
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  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
is there anyone looking into fixing this
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  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
Funny, same thing here on one of my lap tops, both are using Fire Fox. I go to sign in and get the same blank screen.
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  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
My Firefox won't log in, I E does, Safari does.
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  Re: Can't log in (This is Herb G. I ca...)
My iPhone and Windows pic work, my iPad gets the blank screen??

  Re: RE: Can't log in by goaliedad (My iPhone and Window...)
Can't log in with chrome Firefox or explorer. I get the message that the woodnet forum page isn't working and is currently unable to handle the request. Fortunately I'm still logged in on my phone.
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