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I always swore that if I hit the Lottery I'd hire a guy to follow me around and put my stuff away so I could find it when I need it.  That's probably not going to happen so I now make an effort to put stuff away after each use, not at the end of the day, after each use.  It takes a little extra time but really saves time versus looking for some tool/ruler/etc to do the next step.  It means more steps to go get whatever I need but it really has become my best way to work.  Before I forced myself to do this I spent a lot of time being pissed off because I couldn't find what I needed which decreased my enjoyment of woodworking.  It has also saved having to buy another "whatever" because I lost the one I had.  The "whatever" was never really lost, just misplaced to such a degree that it might as well been gone!

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I echo everything you just said. Another added advantage of this system is you also save time by not having to move a tool that you recently used out of your way when it gets in the way. I also practice the clean as you go method in the kitchen.
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I have to admit I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to use and put away in the kitchen,but not so much in the shop, although I am starting to improve, except when it comes to pencils.

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The old machine-shop guy who taught me so much said, "If you dont put it away, you might as well throw it away."

I waste time all day by puttings tools away, but I gain that time by finding everything where I expect it to be.
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I enjoy cooking almost as much as woodworking.  In the kitchen, I clean as I go; not so much in the shop!  In truth, the shop may have been "clean" twice in the last ten years.  Tools get put away almost daily and floor cleaned twice a month.  Marking/layout tools are usually returned immediately.
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My new, tiny shop is about 3/4 the size of my old, too small shop and I am finding it easy to keep after cleaning and putting stuff where it belongs as I work.
Everything is 2 or 4 steps away, always.

A new trick is to always return the pencils to the shelf with the electric sharpener. I am now in the habit of always sticking the pencil in for a quick touch up every time.
Seems to be working out.
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Having been an aircraft mechanic for 25 years in a past life everything had its place and you had to know where every tool was at all times or someone could die. Doesn't carry over to that extreme in my current life but life is much easier organized.
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I usually put up and clean up as I work. I don't like messes, and don't enjoy trying to find tools.


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I clean as I go in the kitchen empty sink and clear counter. The shop not so much but I rarely forget where I put something. The problems start when my wife uses stuff as it never goes back where it belongs or where I left it. That usually results in looking where she used it or cleaning up the shop and finding things in the laundry room
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  Re: Putting Stuff Away by gMike (I always swore that ...)
Always lived with a very small shop.  Forced to put stuff away or I would have no work room.   It has developed into a very nice habit.   I know where stuff is!.   

  I cook for the family, wife follows me around the kitchen cleaning up.   True story - I was baking a cake.  First thing I greased and floured the pans.  Moved over to prepare the batter,  looked for the pans, no where to be found on the counter.   They were washed and put a way behind my back.   She is not allowed to clean up in the shop.

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