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LIL this post has pushed me a little in getting things put away and building more racks to get stuff off the ground.  Tomorrow the task is building something to hold large old electrical motors.  Monday will probably involve aches and pains the old stuff always seems to weigh twice as much as the new.  The floor space will be worth it
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One of these days you'll hafta add on to your warehouse. Raised


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I went from never putting things up even at the end of the day (and getting thoroughly PO'd), to putting things up where they belong at the end of the day (still PO'd cause I can't find things while working), to putting stuff up as I go along. I like it much better. At some point, I have to do it anyway. The problem and question to others, how often do you clean up sawdust, etc?  Laugh
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I generally give the shop a quick cleaning when I'm done for the day.  I don't put much effort into it 10-15 minutes with the shop vac is about all it gets.  It gets a better cleaning when I finish a bigger project but it still doesn't take too long because I put stuff away everyday and do the spot cleanup every day.

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I don't worry so much about getting everything put away...just so i know where i left it.
Wife doesn't appreciate me tracking sawdust (or anything else) into the house...   so
i'm more careful there.   Big Grin
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Thanks for this post. I will clean up the shop today. I will clean up the shop today. 
At least a little!
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This never gets old to me. I think of this when I try to balance work and cleanup. Cut and clean and cut and clean...."We don't intend to gang algley here, do we?"
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(10-31-2016, 04:22 PM)Herb G Wrote: It does no good whatsoever when my wife goes & takes a tool, uses it, then forgets where she left it.
I spent 3 months tearing this house apart looking for a tool I knew I had.
My wife knows that if I can't find a tool, I'll just buy a replacement.  At least that's my threat. It seems to be pretty effective. Doesn't work on my kids though.

I finally decided that my shop is too small for a bench that I have in it. So now I have to find a spot for the stuff that's in and on the bench. It's always something
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Gabe, thanks for the link to the Anal Retentive Carpenter piece.  Really funny and I don't think it is all that rare.  I clean up at the end of projects or a few times during long ones like rocking chair builds.  I don't have a problem finding tools I am using on an active project, after all I probably used it only a couple hours ago on the project and it is where I left it.  When I can't find something it is because months or years before I found the logical place for a seldom used tool and now I can't remember the logic that caused me to put it where is.  Just putting things away at the end of the day to make your bench look neat holds no appeal to me.  Reminds me of an assistant I had at work who carefully adjusted all the knobs on her car dash so the lines on the knobs pointed straight up everytime she got out of the car.  Or the acquaintance who would not be able to sleep if he thought that one of the bills in his billfold might not be aligned exactly like all the others.  Just goes to show that humans are diverse in ways we never thought of.  Ken
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I usually leave tools lay until I'm sure I'm done with the project, unless they get in the way. This means that clean up happens when I need room to start the next one. After I spend some time looking for a tool I call the SIL and ask if he borrowed it, or if I need to keep looking [I don't return his tools promptly either so sometimes he has to call me].
Right now there are 3 or 4 chisels somewhere in the pile of shavings on the lathe, but I know about where to dig for the one I want.

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