Putting Stuff Away
  Re: Putting Stuff Away by gMike (I always swore that ...)
Thanks OP for the insight. I guess ADAD should/could be a learned habit that woodshop users could benefit from. After reading some of the replies, it seems that taking that extra second or two to put back a tool could save you some aggravation in the future. Except when using a tool for a couple of seconds and switching to another tool and then back again. In that situation I'd say it is best to leave both tools on the bench until the task is completed and then return them to their storage area.
  Re: Putting Stuff Away by gMike (I always swore that ...)
I read all through this looking for the method I follow, because I originally got it here.  I practice putting ten tools away when I go into the shop in the morning or whenever.  Usually it becomes more than ten tools once I get started.  Also I put a lot of tools away as I use them because it just means turning around and hanging them up, not talking about the measuring and layout tools I will need again in a few minutes.  Odd tools that I need only once for a project will often be replaced after using them. All tools returned to their place also get cleaned with a rag loaded with beeswax. Cleaning the bench top and floor can happen either in the morning or at night, I use the shavings to start the fire in the mornings.  Working in my shop by myself helps a lot also.

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I have come to the conclusion putting away things creates more space and I keep finding more crap to fill it.
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A year and a half ago my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday. I said a "Label maker." She thought I was joking. I wasn't. I labeled my shelves, drawers, bins and pegboard. Since then things have been much easier to find, and I don't find things in the wrong place nearly as often.
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