Driveway Grader/Scraper
Does anyone have any first hand experience with something like the Land Pride GS1560 grader scraper or GS05 or similar units?  Have a long gravel driveway that tends to get a washboard effect a times.  3 point hitch either category 1 or cat. 2.   Not interested in a standard scraper blade or rock rake or a box scraper.  I'm thinking of 48 iinch wide to 72 inch.
Thanks, Bill
  Re: Driveway Grader/Scraper by Bill Bob (Does anyone have any...)
I don't have one.  I want one.

I have 1200' of gravel driveway that I have to maintain.

seen a number of people that are pretty good with welding make their own.

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  Re: Driveway Grader/Scraper by Bill Bob (Does anyone have any...)
Yes, I have one...mine's the 48" version. I bought it to maintain our 500' gravel drive at the last house. As it turns out it was useful for a lot of yard and garden work I did as well. But for the drive, it was really good. It did take several passes (maybe as many as 6, 3 trips back and forth) to get the potholes (my biggest problem) broke up, and if it was very, very dry it wouldn't break it up at all. The weight wasn't enough to force the chisels down into the hard pan. Don't know where you live, but we've moved (west central Ohio) and no longer have a gravel drive, would make you a good deal on mine. Anyway if you have a specific question, let me know.
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