Old Street LH Moving Filister Plane
At the first WWIA in Berea Ky., I   became so enthralled with Old Street Tools (Clark & Williams) hand planes, I ordered a left handed moving filister on the spot.  Three years later it was delivered.

I never got to actually use the plane. It has sat in the plastic bag that it came in inside my shop.  It is time to "lighten the load" and I must sell this piece of woodworking art.

"Planes from Old Street Tool are based on early 18th Century British planes which we believe represent the highest quality planes ever produced. We offer the complete line described by Richard Neve in his 1736 The City and Country Purchaser's BUILDERS DICTIONARY. These planes will enable a woodworker to complete nearly any work traditionally done with hand planes and is the most complete line of planes offered in North America since the demise of the Sandusky Tool Company in 1925. "

Old Street (Clark & Williams) are believed by many to be the premier hand plane maker in the U.S. for the past thirty years.  Unfortunately, age is creaping up on all of us, including Larry Williams and Don McConnell.

"We are no longer accepting new plane orders.
To our customers:
We've been fortunate to have the best customers any business could hope for. We value this and sincerely thank every one. Most who would be interested in ordering know we have a large back order list and getting planes from us often involves an unreasonable wait.
As we face the uncertainties of growing older we've begun looking at our back order list with concern. The large list makes it impossible to predict delivery dates. We also face an untenable disconnect between quoted prices and ever increasing material and overhead costs. Because of this we've suspended accepting any new orders for hand planes until current orders are filled. Orders for DVDs will still be gratefully accepted.
It will take several years to work through our backorders. Then we'll reassess how we want to proceed, but we intend to continue working in some fashion as long as we can. We want to remain accessible and feel our list of planes is instructive regarding the system of essential planes required in hand tool informed woodworking. For these reasons we'll keep our web site live but have removed prices from the list of planes.
Thank you, "

I wrote to Larry Williams and he said if he ever does once again produce a moving filister, the price will be $695.  I want $550 plus shipping for this unused work of art.
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