A coffee table with a different flavor
I recently completed a coffee table per my wife's request. What makes it different is what is inlaid into the top.
She grew up on a farm in an old two story farm house that was heated with a floor furnace. A number of years ago, the house was extensively damaged in the Greensburg (KS) tornado. When the house was finally taken down, we salvaged two grates from that floor furnace. These are the grates on each end of the top. The center grate (decorative) was a garage sale find.

I have a piece of 1/4" glass set into the top and over all three grates. The center grate can be removed which reveals an open box that can be used to display "treasures". There is a removable panel at the bottom of the box so items can be exchanged in the box without having to remove the glass.

[Image: Coffee%20Table%20-1_zpspsk0a1eg.jpg]

[Image: Coffee%20Table%20-2_zpscaes5mlp.jpg]

[Image: Leg%20Detail_zpskrku6r9a.jpg]

[Image: Corner%20Detail_zpsvotk8ccj.jpg]

[Image: End%20Panel_zpscn5qfaza.jpg]

[Image: Center%20Panel_zpsjgoh5xnh.jpg]

[Image: Display%20Box%20-1_zpsrtfeh9ym.jpg]

[Image: Display%20Box%20-2_zpsevz5sqjk.jpg]

I left the glass off for the last two photos to avoid reflection.

As always, all comments, both pro and con are welcome.
There is a fine line between woodworking and insanity - sometimes I am not sure which side of the line I am on.
Nice and original.
The SO asked me today, "what are you going to do to day"? I said "nothing".  She said, "that's what you did yesterday"! Me, "Yes love, but I was not finished yet"!!!!!!!!

Nice use of the grates and keeping that part of their homesite history.  
You done good! I love the use of the grates

Very, very well done. I remember that Greensburg tornado; surprised you found anything left to use for the table. But that is really nice!
I started with absolutely nothing. Now, thanks to years of hard work, careful planning, and perseverance, I find I still have most of it left.
Boy does that look swell

I remember when I was a kid only the lower floor had heating and the grates allowed the heat to go into the rooms above.
It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

Hi, I'm Arlin's proud wife! His brain trma & meds-give memory probs and has pain from injuries, but all is well materially & financially.  
That really looks grate!
A well executed design to showcase an interesting story.  Nicely done.

How did you finish the grates?

I grew up near Haviland KS, just down the road. My dad taught math at the Greenburg HS for a couple of years.
They told me anybody could do it, but I showed them.
Very clever design - "good on ya" for the workmanship! Incorporation of meaningful family pieces makes it even better - nice going!

What a clever idea!  And great execution as well. 
A retirement dedicated to fine woodworking and bad golf.

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