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I sprayed out some cabinets with HVLP equipment.  Once I had the right viscosity it atomized well and applied nicely.  It dried in about 20 minutes and I recoated in one hour.  I used 3 coats.

I originally used Sealcoat as a primer and the application was a failure.  It crazed the finish.  I was told I did not let it dry long enough and I let the next one dry for 48 hours and it still crazed the finish.  It looked like antique crackle.  Do not use shellac under this paint.

It did not raise the grain, so there is no reason for the shellac.  It is supposed to have excellent adhesion to almost all surfaces.  

The big advantage is that it dries so quickly.  The B-M Advance takes days to dry.  I was able to hang the cabinet doors the following day with Breakthrough.  

Per advice I received, I filtered the paint before each application.  It is a very watery paint--very unlike latex.  I added 4 ounces of water per 32 ounces of paint for atomization.  You will have to play with the dilutions.  

The big problem is that the 50VOC version is not recommended for cabinets by PPG, and most of the dealers are not carrying inventory of the 250VOC which is recommended for cabinets.  They have to order 4 gallons at a time and I only needed one gallon.  One dealer ordered the paint for me and sold me one gallon.  

Do not try to paint cabinets using the 50VOC version.  Two of the dealers didn't even know that PPG recommends against the 50VOC for cabinets.  The 3rd dealer knew and ordered the paint for me.
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Thanks for that info., Cooler.  Shellac primers cause some WB finishes to craze, just like you described.  Target Coatings warns about this with some of their products.  I've had it happen with a couple of General Finishes WB topcoats, too, but most are ok.  You just don't know unless the manufacturer gives you a heads up or from your test specimens.  


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