Router Collet slippage
My router bits have been slipping up in my collet.... Clean and tight, I think.... Table mounted Porter cable... I wonder if anyone has had the same experience?
Never had that problem. Could there be something on the threads preventing from it getting tight enough to hold the bit? Just a thought.
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You might try cleaning both the collet and the bits shafts. Possibly some type of oil got onto one of your bits shaft and has been passed around after it contaminated the collet.
Are you setting the bits too deep in the collet?

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I would thoroughly clean all the surfaces on the collet and receiver and try again. 

If it still is moving try a different bit 

If it is still moving replace the collet.

They can and do get distorted and that leads to wear  especially if the bits are not fully seated the depth of the collet every time 

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Back when I had pc routers the biggest issue I had was with the collett. They were prone to cracks and would break apart. You will know it because it will come out in pieces...
Collets are wear items. Precisebits may have an ER collet setup for your router.

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OK, thanx for the for the experience... Just realized that I'm using the same two collets I got with my original 690, about 30 years ago, in my big 3hp table router. They're clean and I can't see anything, but I'm gonna replace them.

Elaire corp. sells all sorts of replacement collets, made right here in the USA - prices are very reasonable.
I can't imagine they just wear out.

I've had this happen, too.  I think the problem is glazing occurs on both the shaft holder and the tapered collet surfaces due to heat.

On mine, after I cleaned them up and used fine sandpaper to clean up the contact surface, no more problems.

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