Time for a Dust Collector
  Re: Time for a Dust Collector by Cecil (Dust collection has ...)
Quote:...You are officially an “old timer” here now, Mike....


Hi Damon,

You'd never know it from my post count.   When they changed servers many years ago I couldn't sign in for some reason, so now I look like a "new guy"  

As for the Geezer comment, I think we're all getting a little older Smile

Are you going to move to the "new house" there on 291 by the freeway?


I took it down after 3 or 4 years use and it only had an inch or so of dust on the bottom. Blew it out, a real dust storm, and put it back up. Haven't done a lot of WW in the last few years, so I doubt it has much dust in it.

I've thought about moving the shelves over and standing the filter up, with a dust pan at the bottom, but thats as far as It's gone.

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