toxicity of Epoxy
I was fixing a water heater for the horse trough and used some 5 min epoxy on it. Was that a bad idea to use epoxy in the horse water trough? The heating element actually contacts one joint will heating it possibly create some toxins?
  Re: toxicity of Epoxy by Bope (I was fixing a water...)
My understanding is that epoxy is safe, but the hardener (amine hardeners) are not.  But I believe that only refers to them when consumable (before mixing and setting).  

The best advice I could give is to write to the manufacturer and ask.

They do make epoxy lined tanks for potable water.  So my gut reaction is that it is safe:

But I would still write to the manufacturer and check.
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  Re: toxicity of Epoxy by Bope (I was fixing a water...)
Yes- it will bleed into the water unless it is made for that purpose.

You should look up "epoxy drinking water" or the like and see the regulations and specs, then decide for yourself.

Would you feel safe drinking it?
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