Robland X31
A friend has one he wants to sell.  Hasn't set a price yet, but I told him I could put out feelers here.  He is thinking at least $1600-$1800...but has seen them for as high as $2500 on E-Bay.  So thinking that may be low.  I have experienced enough of his generosity to know he is not a greedy man...just wants what it is worth/fair price for all.  Delivery would be possible within NW Ohio into central Ohio general area.

If you are interested in talking specs/details/pictures/prices, etc...  I'll put you in touch.

I didn't figure a new member trying to sell $2000 piece of machinery would go over well - hence I am putting "my reputation" on the line (not that I am a frequent flyer in the S&S section here - just have been around for a couple of years).

OR...if you have an idea what he should be expecting to get out of it even if you are not interested please provide those thoughts as well!
I sold my father's X-31 five years ago, almost to the day, and it went for $3,499.00 on CL.  His machine was in pristine condition, with all of the attachments, only used a handful of time in the machine's entire worklife.

Hope this helps you out.
Wow...Might help my friend...But maybe not a buyer! (But I don't think he'd expect that much). Thanks for the input.
Don't know where you are but....
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I bought a 1999 X31 this year off CL for $2200. (Los Angeles)

Machine was complete with manuals.
With all the pictures and prices on Google I think he is asking about $800 to $1000 to little.

They look very nice but I like my tools separate instead of all in one machine.
As of this time I am not teaching vets to turn. Also please do not send any items to me without prior notification.  Thank You Everyone.

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There are a couple of options that drive desirability: does the saw have the sliding table immediately next to the table saw blade (like a Felder, etc) ?

Does it have the large or the small sliding table?

Does it include the mortising table?

What TS/jointer fence does it have?

Because the machine weighs 1100#, its mostly a local market. Excepting location I would think $2500 adding or subtracting for condition and options.

Because it's not obvious where to get parts now, that's lower than it would have been a.couple years ago.

If I had a signature, this wouldn't be it.
Must be a local market.

One local to me in somewhat rural Texas a few years ago, started at $2000 and after several months on Craigslist he offered it to me for $800 and I turned it down because I didn't want to move it and my shop floor wouldn't have supported it where I wanted to use it.

As many have already posted, the x31 goes for prices that all over the map.  Newer models a little more but usually around $1800 to $2500 with a few going for more or less.
Wouldn't mind seeing some pix of the unit. PM me if you would with whatever he has and what he wants for price.

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