Water heating showerhead Question
I ran across an ad for a water heating shower head. It says min inlet water temp should be 70 deg.
Does anyone know what results are with 60 deg inlet water?
Our master bath shower piping goes about 70' thru attic, and in the winter (SW FL) I can take a quick shower (if I can stand the cold water) before the water gets hot, from our garage water heater.
My idea is if I had one, I would put it on a 0-5 minute timer, and turn it on when I start my shower. Not really trying to save water, but trying to keep extra water out of the septic. Not a favorite thing to work on!

Thanks for any info.
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  Re: Water heating showerhead Question by Pirate (I ran across an ad f...)
What about a recirculating pump on a 10 minute timer.  It could be reconnected back into the cold water line at the bathroom location.  A smart pump could even be set to recirc at your normal use times.  it could be set to shut off once the hot temp is up to its setting.   This would also keep your cold water from becoming too hot in that run.  or, if you can get access you can run a return line back to the water heater location for the recirc water.

A third option is a small on demand water heater.  This could fit under the sink in the bathroom in question.
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  Re: Water heating showerhead Question by Pirate (I ran across an ad f...)
I would do the recirculation pump. Way better solution.

That shower head probably requires dedicated high current 240V wiring. If you have to run something long and thin, might as well do water pipe instead of wire and get a whole house solution. Hook it to the end of the hot water run and every fixture in between gets the advantage as well.
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