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  Re: Router Boss by Raja (Anyone has any thoug...)
Hi Mike, 
I have not been on Joe's forum in awhile.
I thought Joe himself built a very basic  4 x 4 with the Mdf carriages for 1500 (including price of the forum and the carriage MDF kit he used to sell)
Now the price of Mach and Cut2d may have increased since then.  But there are other CAM progams too.
This was back when he was using smaller 8020, etc.   This is not for his latest model.

Point still stands, it would be worth looking into.. I was not a fan of the wood rat, although i understand the Router boss is better built.
  Re: Router Boss by Raja (Anyone has any thoug...)
Having had the WoodRat and currently owning the Router Boss, I would concur that the Router Boss is the better machine. It addresses the weaknesses of the Rat.

I'd love to have a CNC router but there's no room for one in my shop. The Router Boss takes up little space because it's mounted on the wall. Effectively it's always out ready to go and at the same time, it's always put away. 

Comparing the Router Boss to a CNC machine is probably not the best. Consider the dedicated router jigs. At the time I bought the Rat it was a decision between that or the D4R and FMT. The Rat turned out to be a better choice for me because it's more flexible in the sorts of things you can do with it and less expensive than those two.

Different strokes

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