little clock ive been workin on...
Very nice!  Looks like something out of the Bily Clock Museum in Spillville, IA.
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(03-11-2017, 11:23 AM)MichaelS Wrote: Woah! Very cool. I have to say I have no grasp on the time involved, other than it appears to be considerable!

So, how long do you think it took ya?  

welp, i didnt keep track of time, but started on it in early february this year. id say probably abojt 80 hours over the month. beings how there was a lot more than just scrollsaw work,that helped keep me motivated. theres a lot of the parts that are mirror images so stack cutting 1/4" thick stock was done for most if it. actually, i think the only a couple parts that werent stack cut- the fence in front of the clock face, the trim under the clock, and the fancy schmancy trim above the front door.
i also did some fancy wood flooring on the 1st floor out of bubinga and fancy oak ceiling. the back wall on the 1st floor has a fireplace on it and some wall art.theres some artwork on the 2nd floor wall,too.
purchasing all the lumber 1/4" thick would have been costly. what i did was buy 3/4" s3s, ripped it jn half, then planed it to 1/4" thick.
woods used were oak for the main construction, cedar on window trim on 1st floor, bloodwood on them round window trims up higher, padauk on the dome, leopardwood for the lamp posts, and the bubinga flooring, which i didnt go too crazy with that and tongue and groove it. 
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heres what the wall on the 1st(1 lookin in the front door) and 2nd floor look like, plus the floor
[img=720x720][Image: dome7_zpskeajlhzz.jpg][/img][img=720x720][Image: dome13_zpsgcsqttuj.jpg][/img][img=720x720][Image: dome9_zpst6ngy3jr.jpg][/img]
[img=720x720][Image: dome12_zps4rrccdox.jpg][/img]
wow Sir! AWESOME WORK, brother! I'm a scroll sawyer myself, & want to make a clock or two. My fb page is Sawdust Haven if you're interested. You done an amazing job, tom!

head sawdust maker
WOW!!!!! Totally
Thanks,  Curt
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Magnificent and incredible!
That kind of work requires patience and steady hand - and you nailed it!

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It must have been a cold winter!  Can you tell us a little bit about the technical details-say saw type, blades, etc?  My scrool saw is worn down ..need a new one.  Really nice. Thanks for posting.
Paul from the beautiful mid-coast of Maine (USA)
(03-18-2017, 08:26 AM)paulmaine Wrote: It must have been a cold winter!  Can you tell us a little bit about the technical details-say saw type, blades, etc?  My scrool saw is worn down ..need a new one.  Really nice. Thanks for posting.

apologize for not getting back sooner,paul. got myself busy on some more projects.
anyways, the saw is an excaliber ex16. it reads like general international is no longer making these and thats pretty sad. this has been an excellent saw and i have many hours on it over the 2 years ive owned it. plan on many more hours,too. i got it after burning up acrapsman in less than 40 hours, replaving it with adewalt 788 type 2 that had a lot of hours on it, but then the windings in the motor shorted out, then another crapsman that was given to me and that wore out in less that 20 hours.
ive read that jet is making a scrollsaw now that is just about the same as the ex,though.
the blades were/are flying dutchman blades. main ones used for this were #3,5, and 7 ultra reverse

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