Laser Engravers, CNC Routers, Etc
  Re: Laser Engravers, CNC Routers, Etc by gMike (It seems like Rockle...)
If I were younger CNC or laser or whatever would be in my shop.  I have a guy that does laser stuff for me.  I would do a lot more if I had my own.  CNC - I would find a use for it.  My brother (pro-cabinet maker) has been thinking about adding a CNC because some customers have asked about custom panels with designs on them.  I don't know if he has a source to do them.

Always use the right tool for the job.

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  Re: Laser Engravers, CNC Routers, Etc by gMike (It seems like Rockle...)

I feel it is just another tool.  I know people who only do hand tools and look down at others that use a table saw or planner or jointer or bandsaw but I feel they help me get the project done faster. 

I hope we get a small one so we can do custom writing on pens and making nice lids to boxes.

If I give up working with wood and let tools to do all the work then I lose the satisfaction of holding and working it, but the tool/equipment is only and end to the means.
It is always the right time, to do the right thing.

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  Re: Laser Engravers, CNC Routers, Etc by gMike (It seems like Rockle...)
(03-29-2017, 08:15 AM)gMike Wrote: It seems like Rockler is really pushing this new type of technology on the average woodworker as the next wave of woodworking.  Personally, I don't see them as something that I want in my own shop.  I guess I'm old school enough to want the make the cut or chop the mortise myself rather than program a machine to do it for me.  I recognize that there has been a lot of technology introduced in woodworking since my Grandfather's day but none of it involved programming a computer to do something.  I guess I'm just old and resistant to change but I know I would rather spend $4,000 on wood than on a machine that takes the joy out of woodworking.

How do the rest of you feel about the potential impact of computer controlled machines in woodworking?

I can imagine the same conversation between two guys the first time they saw an electric router or scroll saw.

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