Chunka spalted maple by accident.
Ha. You cut it anyway you like, sir. It's your chunk of spalta. :
Smile I suspect there are a few folks here that are much more knowledgeable with regards to properly drying burls, than I.
I said 3" thick because by the time you dry it, it will warp quite a bit. Then the resin infusion process warps it more. So by the time it is flat again you might be able to get two 1" thick pieces out of the 3". Maybe.
On a side note: I made a 19" dia. fruit bowl a few years back out of some spalted sycamore. Came out nice, but it also took several months to finish. Turn green, ( wet curls every where), wrap, soak, dry. Turn again. Turning a large acrylic infused piece would tend to make me want a full face respirator. That acrylic dust can not possibly be good for you. 
Best of luck with what ever you do.
One more thing: take a look at the ends before you plan your cuts. You may notice that the spalting is clustered here and there. It's rare (but not unheard of) for spalting to be evenly distributed throughout a big piece. Ideally, you want to cut the piece so that the surfaces you reveal have maximum figure. So if you can, plan to cut right through the clusters of spalting. Don't bury them in the middle of a piece if you can avoid it.
Steve S.
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