Packing up shop using professional movers
It wasn't 2 years or 10 years, but almost 5.  Yesterday we took delivery of everything in storage including my big tools.  I am glad I kept them (we weren't paying for storage) since the cost to replace them today would be nearly 2x what I paid for them.  Their weight did offset what we could have brought back from overseas (or so my wife tells me).

Happily nothing seems to have rusted.  I wipe down all the cast iron with Boeshield and the movers wrapped everything with their moving blankets.  I visited the storage facility 2 years ago to pull out some items.  It wasn't exactly conditioned space, but was clear from the elements.  I guess that is good enough in the DC area.

The movers helped me get everything back onto their mobile bases, too.  Now I need to go through all the boxes and find the parts to reassemble everything.
the typical cardboard moving boxes that you get at HD,uhaul etc only stay stacked for so long if there's any weight in them.

it took me about a year to get my shop built when we moved, and the heavier boxes I had stuff stacked in started to lean as the cardboard started giving way.

I would use plastic totes for everything.

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