Different Packages Price Drop!! 1 Left!!!
Here is a list of items I've gathered from the recesses of the shop. At Admiral's suggestion have broken down to smaller packages, items relevant to each other and adjusted my pricing accordingly.

Router Bits, asking $80.00  $70.00 shipped CONUS for the entire list of bits. Retail is app. $180.00 most of these have only been used once or twice. No chips in the carbide flutes, may need minor cleaning.

Woodriver - 3/8" straight 1/2" shank
Woodriver - 1/2" 8* dovetail 8mm shank
Woodriver - 5/16" straight 8mm shank 
Woodriver - 1/2" core box 1/4" shank
SKIL - 1/2" laminate trimmer 1/4" shank
Whiteside - 1/2" flush trim 1/2" shank
MLCS - 1/2" straight 1/2" shank
Adapter - 8mm to 1/2" shank
Freud - 16-528 Mortising bit 1.5" dia. 5/8" depth of cut, top bearing

Package 2: asking $50.00 shipped CONUS, for items listed below.  SOLD!!!

General Moisture Meter MMD4E pin style, w/manual
Bessey 28' Strap Clamp
2 - Pony 9166 right Angle Clamps
3 Adjustable Bevel Gauges - 2 Stanley and 1 Accur8

Package 3: asking $70.00 shipped CONUS for the following list of items.  SOLD!!

3 - #4 planes, at least 1 Fulton, they all need work but would make great users
1 - 10" True Value Brace, in excellent shape, nickel plating still totally intact looks close to new
1 - Rockler Universal Clamp Kit

First PM based on time stamp. This will also be posted on another site. Any questions let me know. I'm still looking for smalls, you never know what I might find and throw in your box. Thanks for looking...
Bump for the weekend... lot's of tire kickers but no takers. Is my price to HIGH for all of this?
(04-22-2017, 06:12 AM)akertesz Wrote: Bump for the weekend... lot's of tire kickers but no takers. Is my price to HIGH for all of this?

Its the package deal; you'd get more takers individually as its an eclectic bunch of stuff..... or grouping it by type of tool, i.e., router bits as a package, etc. . . . . pics would help too.  Woodnet is a sophisticated bunch of buyers!!
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Check out new packages and pricing...
Bump for the weekend...
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