Bill Rittner Totes & Knobs-Veritas BU Planes
I have 3 sets of cherry totes and knobs made for the Veritas BUS/BUJack and the BUJointer made by Bill Rittner of Hardware City Tools. Note that the totes are interchangeable for all 3 planes, but the BU Jointer knob is different from the knobs for the BUS/BUJack. All 3 sets are in like-new condition. I bought them several years ago, played with them for a bit, and then switched back to the original wood for these planes. 

Set 1. Pictured on BUS
Set 2. BUJack (lower right) SOLD
Set 3. BUJointer (lower left)

Bill has multiple reviews of these totes and knobs linked on his web site here . 

I don't want to overcomplicate things, but I also have 5 push drills, with NO bits, and I'm giving ONE away with each set of totes/knobs. Your choice of drill, subject to availability. From L-R

1. Goodell-Pratt 188A
2. Goodell-Pratt 188A GONE
3. Sears/Dunlap 4217
4. Craftsman 4221 (same as Yankee 45)
4. Craftsman 4221 (same as Yankee 45)

Price for each set of tote/knob/push drill is $40 shipped Priority Mail CONUS. PayPal preferred.

First PM stating 'I'll take Set x' along with your first 2-3 choices of a drill will work best. Remember that Set 1 and Set 2 are interchangeable, so you will be fine ordering Set 2 for a BUS and vice-versa. The wood is pretty much identical on all 3 sets. If you absolutely have to have a certain push drill or no deal, it's probably best to include that info also.

As a final note, for whatever reason I do not get email notifications of a PM, even though I have that option set in the forum preferences. Given that, I won't respond as quickly as I would if I had an email notification. Thanks for looking.

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