Foley resharpener
Does anybody know how much a Foley resharpener weighs?  I've got a buddy in WA state who is willing to sell me one for a song, yet I'm afraid the shipping charges would be a deal breaker.  Also, would you know if it could be dismantled into three parts: motor, upper, and lower?

Here is a vid if anybody doesn't know what this machine does.

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It sounds like an electric one and if it was me and I needed/wanted it a lot I would not care the cost of shipping, but think it would not be more then $60
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I'm not sure what a saw filer like my F-16 weighs, but it's at least 50 lbs.
When I got mine, my brother shipped it in one package from Oregon. He partially disassembled it so it would fit.
Yes, it can be separated into three or more pieces for shipping.It's not hard to re-assemble. If you want to save some weight, and shipping costs., you could have them ship it without the motor. That would save 10-15 lbs.
I would suggest that you have them remove the big flywheel, and the vertical piece that supports the saw guides. That would allow it to fit in a large box. I'd also have them bolt the base of the main unit to a piece of plywood the size of the bottom of the box. Then everything else could be packed around it, with plenty of padding.If the saw carriers are included, I'd have them sent separately, as they take up a lot of room.
I usually use Fedex for shipping large, heavy things. I've had good luck with them. Fastenall also offers a shipping service between their stores, so if you have one close, you might check that out. I haven't used them, I've just heard about it.
Good luck with your new filer!
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Hi Dayle,
Nice to see that someone is watching my video. Yes

I have more videos that'll be uploaded soon.

Yes, that refiler can be broken down pretty easily. It'll be expensive shipping it, but I've bought a couple and had them broken down and shipped to me, so I know it'll work. I can't tell you exactly how much it weighs, but I carried it about 150 ft without too much effort. I could probably get a scale on it for you if needed.
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