Mounting TS to stand
I will be building a stand/cabinet for my TS.  Currently it is on the factory metal stand.  The saw is bolted to the stand with cap screws.  How do you mount your TS to a wooden stand.  Cap Screws?  Carriage Bolts?  Lag Bolts? (My Old 'Arn,  Delta Radial Arm Drill Press is lagged to the table).  Personally, I believe any of the three I mentioned will be sufficient, but I am not sure which is best.  Thanks.
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  Re: Mounting TS to stand by Cecil (I will be building a...)
I would just bolt it fast.
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  Re: Mounting TS to stand by Cecil (I will be building a...)
I used carriage bolts when I put my old Crapsman contractor saw on a plywood base.  It's been that way for 10 or 12 years and works great.  The best part of putting it on a ply base was the 5 drawers that got built under one of the cast iron wings.

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  Re: Mounting TS to stand by Cecil (I will be building a...)
Of your 3 possibles I would go with carriage bolts in case you ever needed to get it off to do work on the saw. With caps, or lags you would have holes wallowed out, and might need to rebuild the entire base if you took the saw off, lest the hollowed out holes wouldn't hold the screws a second time. With the bolts, worst case scenario is you would need to use bigger washers to hold it tight, and likely that wouldn't be necessary.
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