? About sharing pics from FLICKR
I've moved from Photobucket to Flickr and need a little help from those who have done the same.  I have four choices for sharing a Flickr photo.  SHARE  EMBED  EMAIL  BBCODE.   

Of these only the EMBED is accepted by Woodnet but it doesn't display perfectly.  As you can see below, first it displays the name, date and time of the photo, then it displays the photo and finally it adds "/> after the photo.  Yes, I can edit the extra junk out of the Woodnet post but I'm wondering if there is a way to make it seamless like Photobucket was.

How are others who are converting to Flickr posting their photos?


[Image: 35678852735_97b73b1254_z.jpg]" />

[Image: 34838022264_0f1ff25c67_z.jpg]" />

Well that's interesting.  As I was composing my post, the name, date and time of each pic was displayed.  Once I finished composing and posted it the name, date and time changed to the little icon you now see above.
Hmmmm.... I always just copy and paste the BB Code link. Like I've done here.

[Image: 35473944476_9e53bb60c9_z.jpg]Contemporary Dining Chair Model kit by Dave, on Flickr

I usually edit the link to omit the title of the image and my name.
This is a test using BBCODE

[Image: 34838022054_9a2a68a3dd_c.jpg]IMG_1097 by Mike Lee, on Flickr" />

This is a test using BBCODE and pasting it directly into the Woodnet post (without using the "Insert An Image" function from the Woodnet toolbar) and afterwards editing out the appended photo info as you described.

[Image: 34838022054_9a2a68a3dd_c.jpg]
OK, I think you've got me on the right track.

1.  Use the Flickr BBCODE function
2.  When pasting the BBCODE into a post, do not use the "Insert An Image" tool from the Woodnet tool bar.  Just paste directly into the post.
3.  After the photo appears, edit out the extra text it appends.

[Image: 35678852955_b3e57c7714_c.jpg]

[Image: 34838022384_76e92d8996_c.jpg]

[Image: 35678852735_97b73b1254_c.jpg]

Works perfectly!   

I have used my iPad for Woodnet for years and have posted pictures from Photobucket with no problem. Now I am forced to start using Flickr and cannot figure it out at all. I set up an account and can access Flickr both thru the iPad app and directly to the website. I figured out how to upload a few pictures to my new account but cannot figure out how to put them in a Woodnet post. When I use the New Attachment button at the bottom it only gives me the option to insert pictures that are on the iPad but the file size is too big to use. When I try to "share" from Flickr it gives me options like Facebook. I figured out how to copy the link for a picture but cannot paste it into the post. I used to be able to "double click" with two fingers to past a link but it does not work now. What am I doing wrong? Does anyone else use Flickr and an iPod to post pictures? Thanks, Tom
Do you see an a curved arrow like the one third from the right in the right corner here?
[Image: 36454159915_4a027576fd.jpg]

And then an option to select BBCode like this?
[Image: 36285737732_22287dacee.jpg]

It's the BBCode you want to copy for pasting in your forum posts.
Thanks for the help. I'm not seeing that option. When I click on the share arrow for the picture I get icons for Facebook, Pinterest, etc with the url link below. If I paste the url link into the Woodnet post it does not give me the actual picture. I have tried this on my ipad app, the Flickr website and in Windows and get the same thing. I must be doing something wrong. This is frustrating. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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