water pipe size
I have to move the outside water Fawcett.  the piping under the house is 1/2 and the old bib is 3/4.  I need to run about 15 feet of additional piping.  will I gain anything by connecting the additional footage in 3/4,  if it connects to a  1/2 inch feed?  Also will a 3/4 bib vs 1/2 make a difference.  I was under the house yesterday and did not see anything but 1/2 piping
  Re: water pipe size by wannabedivin (I have to move the o...)
Depends on how far you are moving it. If it's going a long distance away I'd go with 3/4. You won't see an increase in flow but you also won't see a decrease due to the friction from the longer pipe run. 

     Me I'd love to see 1" pipe and hose bibs and 1" garden hose but that isn't going to happen...
  Re: water pipe size by wannabedivin (I have to move the o...)
Since you're under there anyway, I'd consider replacing the whole run with 3/4" if you have access. If you choose not to do this I'd make the new section 3/4".

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