Help with Ridgid Tools (old Emerson)
I'm hoping someone can help me with a few issues I'm having.  I have not used my tools in a long time, probably over 10 years, lived in apartments and didn't have the space, so I stored them.  Moved into a house a few months ago and got the okay form the wife to use the garage as my shop space.  I cleaned and tuned them up, and have most of them running right, except a few, so my questions....all these tools referenced below are the old Ridgid tools with grey body and the Emerson motors....

I have an Oscillating spindle sander, model EB4424.  I recall years ago, I had an issue where the belt assembly seized and it was a bear to remove it.  In looking at the some old posts on a ridgid forum they describe what happened to me, especially the post by Archtop

I noticed that a plastic fan that goes on the motor spindle is gone.  It is Ridgid part 825544 and they had a replacement part 830291.  I called Ridgid,, looked on Amazon and Ebay and everywhere else I could think and  I can't find the part anywhere.  It has been discontinued and is no longer made.  Does anyone know of any other place I might be missing where I might find the part? Also, if someone has this same sander, when I look at mine, after I remove the plastic insert, I see the spindle and a retaining ring, that is it, aside from the fan is there any other parts that are missing?  I have this $200 dollar tool I can't use because of a part that cost less than $10 but I can't find anywhere.  I thought as a last resort, if someone had this same sander they could give me the dimension on the fan and maybe I can have someone machine one for me or something like that.  Unless you all have other ideas?

I'm also wondering if the new model has a fan, I think they used the same model number for the one with the orange body.  I think to address the issue described above they use an indexing pin on the motor shaft now, so I'm wondering if maybe I could replace the motor shaft and sort of convert it to what the new unit looks like.  I would hate for the tool to just sit there because of this one small part.

Not as important as the sander, but I also have the older model cutoff machine, model CM 14000, and it has 3 rubber feet that just disintegrated.  That part is number AO361, and it has also been discontinued and I can't find it anywhere.  Does anyone have this machine and know the dimensions on the feet, these I'm thinking I can just fabricate out of some sort of rubber or something, maybe mill a hockey puck down and drill a hole in the center and it should serve its purpose.  So if anybody has this machine and can provide the dimensions for the feet I would be very appreciative. 

The other issue I had is with the planer, the older model TP13000, set it up and it was running perfect then the rollers stop feeding.  Thankfully this one is at the repair shop getting fixed, this is the same as the Cutech plane without the spiral cutter head of course, but the parts are still available. 

In advance thanks for any help anyone can provide, the most pressing for me is the sander.

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