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And while your at the store, buy the orange/grey can of Oatey medium bodied PVC/CPVC cement. You can still use the basic purple (or clear) primer, but use the medium (or heavy) bodied cement. Combine that with the schedule 80 pipe and fittings and you shouldn't have a problem with it as long as you follow the specs/instructions on the glue can.
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(09-12-2017, 11:39 AM)wannabedivin Wrote: I am replacing the clogged corrugated rain gutter drain pipes with sch 40 PVC.  One of the areas will have a car parked on (Nissan Sentra).  I have been searching the internet had have gotten lots of differing advice.  So I have a few questions.  What kind of gravel would I use for the bedding? Do I cover the pipe in Gravel and if so how deep?  How deep does the trench have to be to safely park on it?  Thanks in advance

Which state are you in ?  If you are in the snow belt, you should run your conduit below the frost line (typically 3ft, in the midwest).  Schedule 40 is OK for communication cables (which I did a lot of, in many parts of the US, for work), but Schedule 80 is what you would need if you buried it under a driveway.  I would very strongly suggest putting in a Schedule 80 sleeve under the driveway and then running your conduit inside that.  That way, if you need to change your conduit at any time, you can do it without disrupting the driveway or indulging in (very expensive) directional boring.  I would also suggest you lay one or two extra Schedule 80 sleeves under the driveway to run other stuff through, in the future (e.g., garden sprinkler pipes, landscaping power cables etc).

If you are not in the snow belt, I would suggest a depth of about 18", to be safe.  Sand followed by gravel, followed by earth would be the way to go.
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Don't forget to paint the exposed pipe. The sun will deteriorate it.
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