Saw Cart
Hitachi saw on Craigs list.  Interesting cart included.

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  Re: Saw Cart by Cecil (Hitachi saw on Craig...)
I modified an old wheel chair for hauling in the bags of groceries.  One trip instead of 4.

Unless those wheels in front lock, I can see some aggravation in trying to use the saw.

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  Re: Saw Cart by Cecil (Hitachi saw on Craig...)
Don't see any locks on that one. When I first looked at the pic I wondered if the seller was suggesting you would need the wheelchair if you used that rig to saw with? Possibly the only way they could make that more unsafe is insist you wear roller skates while using it.
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  Re: Saw Cart by Cecil (Hitachi saw on Craig...)
Reminds me of one of the CM ras's I bought for the $100 recall bounty. It was mounted on an old washing machine cabinet.
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