Securing a router in a Vise
This little fixture is for securing a router in a vise so it can be used as a mini router table for work with small parts. It was designed several years ago by a gentleman who worked with a friend of mine in our Guild building cabinetry for aircraft. It was used at their workstations.

When my friend retired he made one of these for his shop. I made one for my shop and we also use it when our Guild does router demonstrations at various events. At events we clamp it to a Black & Decker Workmate with F-Clamps. In the photos it is being used with a Bosch 1617 but it could easily be modified to work with other routers.

Thanks, Bill

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  Re: Securing a router in a Vise by wjt (This little fixture ...)
I guess I could see that if you didn't have a router table, AND you could securely, and safely put a pin in the base so you had something to work off of instead of the spinning bit. But jeeesh it would be so limited in use that taking the time to make it wouldn't work for me. Having hand held, and router tables I guess I don't see enough use for trying that. Sure has the operator exposed to some dangers is my prevalent thought looking at it.
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  Re: Securing a router in a Vise by wjt (This little fixture ...)

Thanks for your comments. We use an 1/8" roundover bit in this configuration. A starter pin could be useful.

If you have a router table this is redundant but could be beneficial if you didn't want to be switching bits. We keep our parts sizes down to no more twice the diameter of the router base. The bit exposure is no more than on a table mounted router and requires the same precautions.


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