Is this a "Good" RAS ? ? ?
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(11-14-2017, 08:54 PM)Strokes77 Wrote: Great saw I used to have one just like it.

Know this though.  The to cut a dado, the table has to be completely flat in reference to the travel of the blade.  It's possible to get this setup, but tricky to get right.  Otherwise, your dado will be at different depths along the cut.  Just something to consider.  

This might cause complete uproar, however, I am going to say it... On a saw that is "difficult" to control, like a RAS can sometimes be... I prefer LESS power of the motor.  I can manhandle a smaller motor better than I can a larger one I feel like.  If things go south, the motor, in my experience, will bind and stall way before it will throw stuff at me, or fly towards me...  Again this is my experience with a 9" mbf.
I recently sold my MBF, 9" Dewalt for $75. Didn't need anything but a table.
The difference in that and the 7790 Dewalt ras, I got is day and night. No need to hold back when cutting 4/4 lumber. Pull as fast as you want. 
I typically make a crosscut on the ras, feeding the blade about 3-5 times faster than feeding the wood on a ts. And that's with a + hook blade!
Higher hp makes the saw cut instead of trying to self feed.
With the blade trying to pull the wood into the fence, you won't have it thrown at you. 
Keeping your hand on the carriage handle, will keep the blade from flying towards you. Again, this problem is only a concern with low power saws, or dull blades.
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(11-14-2017, 08:11 PM)jteneyck Wrote: If that's a 9" MBF it likely has a 3/4 HP motor.  It is a great saw for trim work etc. in 4/4 stock, but it is challenged in 8/4 stock or for running wide dados in hard wood.  If your primary motivation is running dados I would probably put a 6" stack on it as it will have greater torque than an 8".  Really though, I'd hold out for a 10" GWI with a dual voltage 1.5 HP motor, or even larger saw.  The problem with all the smaller saws is their tendency to climb cut due to the lower HP motors and flex in the column.  The larger saws have more powerful motors and much higher rigidity and have far less tendency to climb. 

But the price is not high to me considering what a RAS can do, and the MBF is a real cherry for light work.  No chop saw costing twice as much can do what it can do, nor as well. 



On a dado cut I put a piece of wood before and after and only make the first cut at 1/4" and then lower the arm the rest of the way so not only will it not climb it will not splinter or grab either.

I would not only highly recommend but think it is absolutely essential to buy the book that Mr. Sawdust or Wallace Kunkel written many years ago.

I think it was a guy here who goes by Greenacres who bought the book for me from his daughter who still sells them and they are far more valuable then the $25 I think it is.  Not only does it have ALL the essential info you need to do any adjustments but he has some funny humor also.

PLEASE help yourself and buy it.
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Diesel, this saw also came with a half horse motor.  So take a look at the motor plate to make sure it is the 3/4 one.  The saws look alike so you can only tell by the motor plate.  If it were me, and it was earlier this year, I would pass on the half horse model.  You are not going to be happy doing dado with that motor.  While I passed on the half horse model, I did bring home its big brother: a 14" saw made in 1954 and in excellent condition except it needs a table.  Unfortunately, a big kitchen remodel has kept me from replacing  the table but it is on my list for next year.  Ken
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It is definately a MBF , I called about it yesterday thinking it might be a GWI . I have a GWI and was hoping to pick up an "extra ". That one looks like a good one and seems it has an electric brake .
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(11-14-2017, 11:54 PM)ccs Wrote: It is definately a MBF , I called about it yesterday  thinking it might be a GWI . I have a GWI and was hoping to pick up an "extra ". That one looks like a good one and seems it has an electric brake .

I had an MBF, nice little saw. MBC would be the 1/2 horse version.  Didn't know that they came with some sort of electric brake.   Would probably do well for dado work if you keep the cuts on the shallow side and go slow.  One thing to check if you look at it, is how long it takes to spin down (assuming there is no brake).  If it goes forever, then it needs bearings.  In any case I would ask if bearing have been done.   It has a nice table that looks custom.  But even with that, I think the price is a bit high.
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Hold out for a 10".
Wood is good. 
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The 9 incher will work for 95% of what you need to do but you will find a larger variety of blades in the 10 inch range.
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