Early WoodNet, still more added

I came on board about the time Gillie lost a load of lumber off a trailer he was pulling.
He was quite the character. I still have his bandsaw pic.


I miss the days of using my dinghy with a girlfriend too. Zack Butler-4/18/24

The Revos apparently are designed to clamp railroad ties and pull together horrifically prepared joints
WaterlooMark 02/9/2020

(11-21-2017, 05:37 PM)K. L McReynolds Wrote: Way back, there was a TV show called Warehouse Warriors on cable...

I do remember this well.  I was a green newbie on this site.  I thought you guys were gods.  And then I got to know you.  
Building my shop was made a lt easier...and more$$ with a ton of help from here. Lighting , power, heat. But no one cleans up but me.
Watch your fingers!!

(11-21-2017, 05:37 PM)K. L McReynolds Wrote: Way back, there was a TV show called Warehouse Warriors on cable. The premise was two teams of a connected group(family/job/church/etc.) went to the set---an actual warehouse separated by a huge sliding door---which had a full woodshop set up. There was a host(Ed Del Grande), two 'carpenters' and two film crews. Each team was given a project and 8 hours in which to complete the project.

I forget who first posted about the show, but it struck me this would be a perfect idea for us here on WoodNet to try. Found out what was needed to apply. A demo video along with still photo's of the team members and bio's was necessary. Did not take much for Trosey(Texas), Doc(Illinois), and Missouri Sawdust(Peculiar, Mo.) to volunteer to come to Kansas City to make a demo.

Turns out the show did not have another team in the wings and asked if we could find two more(teams of three with an alternate) for a total of six and compete against each other. The POC at the show office was so excited we had applied(real woodworkers connected only by the internet), she never watched the demo.
Big Grin

So,  the word went out and two more volunteered. I am ashamed to say I cannot remember names(HELP Mo SAW!!), but one of the fellas worked for Delta Tool Company.

We had a ball. The show staff loved us and said if we ever wanted to come back, they'd love to have us(the show was cancelled the following year
Rolleyes ).

The six of us, three in red shirts and three in blue went out for beers and eats---the folks in the restaurant thought we were a bowling team.

The show gave us tapes(VCR) of our episode. I had about 30 made and shipped to folks, mine is somewhere. I cannot find the pictures we took, but have this:

Hey Mac, there are a bunch of Warehouse Warriors on You Tube.


Any chance you could direct us to which one is yours?

I miss nested quotes..........
None of those. I have looked on the companies web sites and on Google---nada.

I just found the two tapes(VCR), the demo tape and the show tape. I think I will get them redone to newer media.
Another flashback:

[Image: 20140418_161218.jpg]
[Image: 20140418_161242.jpg]
I was chatting with Patsfan, and noted when I joined Woodnet nearly 15 years ago, I personally never imagined then how much this place would become a staple part of some of our lives.
I think I first found this place in '98 but then got my history wiped out in the big crash so I had to start over 

I tried to save a thread called "Bad Idea of the Day" but lost most of it in a computer crash.

Here's what I can still find to give you a taste of "The Good Ol' Days":

Quote:Rookie's Bad Idea of the Day
Under no circumstances should you attempt to vacuum the dust off your 80,000 BTU propane heater with a brush attachment while it's on. But you probably knew that.... 

don't over tighten your mortise attachement to your DP; it will break.   While we're on drill presses, if you happen to get one of the new Shop Fox drill presses, don't leave the handles on when using the oscillating feature. It will break... (THAT'S why it warns you to take them off about 5 times in the manual!) 

After applying a fresh coat of poly on a piece that is near perfect, DON'T decide to blow some sawdust off the workbench it's resting on. Yeah I know that leads to DON'T apply a fresh coat of poly on a workbench that has sawdust on it........   

Don't try buffing your finger tips on the Delta stationary belt sander. Go to your wife's manicurist for that job. 

When you cut the cord on your circular saw, remember. Try not to do it twice.   

When cutting lap joints for a frame - Try not to do a test cut on the wrong side one of the final pieces already cut to length and rabbeted.   

Try really really hard to not put your dado stack on the tablesaw backwards and then wonder why you can smell wood burning.   

When you lay the two sides of a bookcase together in order to rout the dados for the shelves at the same time, try to mark the top and bottom of the sides. Failing to do that, try to notice the alignment of the shelves before adding the brads "to hold it until the glue dries."   

When cutting pieces for two or more of the same project, cut the same amount of each side/piece. Three piece A and one piece B don't fit. 

Check another power tool in your shop before you take in your belt sander for a service because it suddenly stopped working during a local power blackout.  And control yourself when the tech smirks a little when he hands it back to you.   

When drilling for shelf supports in the side of a carcass, it's a good idea to take into account the brad point on the end of the bit when gauging the depth.  In case you've already drilled too far, Elmer's carpenter's wood filler does not fix the little holes very well.  

The one that really put me on the floor ran along the lines of "Even if your radial arm saw has a drill chuck, and even if you have a paint mixer that fits in that drill chuck it really isn't a good idea to use it to mix a gallon of paint even if you did want to paint the inside of the shop. . ."

Wish I could find the whole thread.  Lots of wisdom and good laughs!
"Truth is a highway leading to freedom"  --Kris Kristofferson

Wild Turkey
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I wrote a brief note on the WoodNet forum a few hours after my wife passed away in 2009. Over the next few days I received 81 responses. Except for three I had never met any of these members. I saved that thread to my hard drive and still pull it up to read now and again.

Thanks for the community.

(11-22-2017, 11:12 AM)Cian Wrote: Another flashback:

[Image: 20140418_161218.jpg]
[Image: 20140418_161242.jpg]
I was chatting with Patsfan, and noted when I joined Woodnet nearly 15 years ago, I personally never imagined then how much this place would become a staple part of some of our lives.

Yes you were once Green weren't you. Nice hattage
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