Bandsaw Tires
  Re: RE: Bandsaw Tires by Bob Vaughan (I've been putting on...)
I used the weather stripping adhesive, and I have not had any problems.

Before that, I had a failure using rubber cement to bond the tires.  I think the failure was due to me not scuffing the inside of the tires before gluing in place (I did not know that was necessary at the time).

After I found out scuffing was necessary, I roughed them up real good with some 80 grit sandpaper.
  Re: Bandsaw Tires by crokett™ (I have an Atlas 12" ...)
I installed the urethane tires yesterday. It wasn't that bad. I soaked them in hot water first. I'm not sure how much that helped because they had cooled off by the time I got them on. The second wheel went faster than the first since I had a technique worked out.

  Re: Bandsaw Tires by crokett™ (I have an Atlas 12" ...)
I too went with urethane tires from my local Woodcraft.  After reading the instructions about the hot water I took the pan off the stove and walked carefully the 200 feet to the workshop trying not to spill or trip as it is a downhill slope.  Since  I didn't want to over heat the tire I had underestimated the temperature drop with my slow careful walk.  The tire was impossible for me to stretch enough with my arthritic thumb joints. 

I decider that since my wife had gone shopping with friends for the afternoon I could take the wheel off the band saw and take the wheel into the kitchen to be closer to the stove  :Smile it worked like a charm, it still took some pressure but I got them on and put the wheels back on the band saw.  

The wife never knew what went on in her kitchen.  Keep it between us ok?
  Re: Bandsaw Tires by crokett™ (I have an Atlas 12" ...)
I just replaced the OE tires on my Jet 18" bandsaw. Kind of a pain, but do-able.

I used the orange urethane tires, by SCTG or whatever, available at most anywhere WW stuff is sold. Amazon is the least expensive.

I had to spend quite some time getting the goop/adhesive off the wheels that the OE rubber tires were glued on with. First I tried mineral spirits, didn't touch it. Next was "Pro" Goof-Off, barely made a dent. Went to Denatured Alcohol and that worked great but still took quite a bit of working it with a tooth brush.

I failed the first 4 times at getting the first tire on. Yes, I soaked it in a pot of hot water, just not long enough plus I didn't have it clamped in a couple of spots nor did I do the wooden dowel trick. After the 3rd time, I "pre-stretched" the tire by putting my foot in the band and pulling up, rotate, repeat, etc. Then I let it cook in some simmering hot water on the stove for 4-5 minutes and then let it sit even more while I got everything set.

Instead of bringing the wheel inside my house and kitchen, I took the whole pot of hot water and tire out to the shop, but like I said, I did let it simmer under a soft boil for several minutes and sit even more.

Second tire went on in the first try, but you still need some ample shoulder muscle.

Look up woodwhisperer on youtube for bandsaw tire replacement. He makes it look easy.

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