NEVER AGAIN!!! (more cheap buy woes...)
  Re: NEVER AGAIN!!! (more cheap buy woes...) by KingwoodFan1989 (Well, I've learned m...)
I remember thinking when you posted that you bought that sander about how long it would last or if it would even work very well.  Bosch like many companies has tried to broaden their market by offering tools for the masses.  People that are serious about woodworking should stay away from them, as you painfully learned.  Bosch's higher end tools are still pretty well made as far as I can tell.  I love, absolutely love my ROS65VC.  It's around $200, for either the 5" or 6", but I recommend you buy the kit which contains both pads because some sanding media only comes in one or the other size.  I've had mine for about 3 years now and it continues to be a joy to use, as much joy as any sander can muster. 

I had one instance where the pad started to slow down a little and there might have been a squeak, too, can't remember.  I was dry sanding something that generated really fine dust.  Suspecting it was clogging the drive train, I took the pad off and blew it all out with compressed air, outside of course.  Just like new again.  I do that now a couple of times a year.  I can't tell you if Festool's sanders are better.  I can tell you the Bosch ROS65VC is a lot cheaper, sands beautifully, and seems durable.    

  Re: NEVER AGAIN!!! (more cheap buy woes...) by KingwoodFan1989 (Well, I've learned m...)
Yeah, I can see how these higher end companies would want to try to appeal to more people, but it's a bit deceptive, to be honest, especially when you have a bunch of positive reviews. I'll keep looking at Bosch's next 2 sanders up (which have both been mentioned in this thread numerous times). Again, I just hope my entry-level Bosch jigsaw doesn't have anything major happen to it anytime soon. Sometimes the blade deflects a bit and doesn't cut square, but I'm sure that's true of most (or even all) jigsaws.
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