Will DC blower work fine sideways?
  Re: Will DC blower work fine sideways? by SpiderDave ([attachment=8767][at...)
(03-03-2018, 02:14 AM)SpiderDave Wrote: I want to modify the dust collector I just bought, to save room and to make fewer bends in the system with a limited amount of space. I 'really' like what I got, but it takes up more room that I imagined. If I can do something about it, I might as well go ahead now before it's all hooked up. At the moment the motor and the intake vent lay horizontal of each other. I would like to modify it where the the intake points downward and the motor upwards (sideways?). Like many units that already come that way. The first photo is what I have and the second is how I would like to modify or mount it. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a different bearing system that would wear because of the change in angle? Or if they were even made diffidently at all? I'm hoping to make it into more of a stacked system (blower above the separator) and change the bag filter locations to fit the designated area. Thanks for your time, have a great day.


Since it mounts to the plenum in a square you can move it all four ways.  I am also going to do this with my 3hp grizzly so I can mount the base to the wall and save space and also lower it 5" since it is that far from the base to the floor.
Also I am going to make a cabinet with wheels to cover it up to lessen the noise.
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