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(03-15-2018, 12:03 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: I think Pat was a machinist at heart.

I agree, and I think a great deal of knowledge that he hadn't had a chance to share probably went with the guy.

Especially when it comes to using woodworking tools on aluminum, he really knew what he was doing.  And I'm not talking about winging-it, he knew how to do work safely.
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I will miss his advice and inventions.  I got the first on the phone several times and the second through a couple of his routers bases that I bought.
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(03-15-2018, 12:51 PM)photobug Wrote: I read through much of website and he says he on a rare occasion makes something in his shop other than jigs.  His work looks like the product of a CNC owning machinist but I know it was done with only routers and drill presses.

Care to share a photo of this Lipping Router jig?

Here it is on a 75372 PC router. It was to heavy of a router, so I put it on a D-handled 690, which is where it stays all time.


Working on 20,000 Winkgrin


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