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(04-17-2018, 01:18 PM)Phil Thien Wrote: That isn't really correct, HEPA is a much more complicated topic than "if the filter doesn't say HEPA, it can't get the finest particles."  Here is a link to a review on Amazon of a new Jet air cleaner w/ unseasoned filters doing a bang-up job getting sub-micron particles (below), and things will only improve as the filters are seasoned.

The filter has very substantially improved air quality in a short period of time.


Although far from a scientific test, the preliminary results from my Dylos Air Quality Monitor look very promising. When I got done hanging the filtration unit, I turned on the Dylos meter and got a reading of about 20,000/1,500, where the 20,000 represents the number of 0.5 micron particles counted in 10 seconds of sampling, and the 1,500 is the number of 5 micron particles detected in the same period of time. These are very high numbers, according to Dylos. (The 20,000 was uncharacteristically high, since I was smoking a cigarette at the time, and that will easily double the 0.5 micron count.) After running the filter for about an hour on medium speed, I checked the numbers...they were at about 900/2. That's a very significant drop. I don't recall ever seeing the 0.5 micron number below about 8,000 or 9,000 before. When I get a chance, I intend to do some more testing under real woodworking conditions (and without the smoke skewing the results). I think it's going to definitely help reduce the amount of dust on all the flat surfaces in the shop.

I'm glad you are pleased. 

I almost spit on the screen when I read you were smoking a cigarette.   

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To make is more complicated the filters in the air cleaners are not hepa filters. Though they may have the same or better filtration they are pocket filters and not hepa filters as part of the hepa requirement is for it to be a particular construction. HEPA is a 1960s rating and isn't the standard some see at is. 

     As for the posters question one or two of those I linked earlier will be a great addition to his shop.
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(04-17-2018, 02:27 PM)jteneyck Wrote: I'm glad you are pleased. 

I almost spit on the screen when I read you were smoking a cigarette.   


The review wasn't written by me, but smokers should care about exposure to wood dust same as anyone else, probably more.
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Some dust settles immediately, some takes a minute, some 5 minutes and some seems to suspend forever. You're not going to be able to collect it all, but only that which stays suspended long enough to enter the air stream where the filter is. If there is little air movement in sections of the basement, then those particles may never reach the filter before they settle. Setting up the filter systems air flow might be as important as the filter itself. The more air is moved around the room, the more it will trap.
In essence, you will only catch a small portion of the actual dust and still must deal with dust on the tools, However, you'll be increasing the quality of the air you'll be breathing.
A HEPA type filter is best with a pre-filter- even two. I would stay around a merv 7-8 or the filter will get clogged quickly. If the dust really affects you, a merv 10-11 is good.

It is still best to collect dust at it's source instead of throwing it into the room then trying to collect it from hundreds of cubit feet. That's like draining oil on the garage floor and then trying to mop it all up instead of simply catching it in a pan.
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Thanks for the recommendations and information. I got the bigger WEN model. Seems to work after a short test, however I noticed a slight wobble with the fan blade assembly. I also noticed that the styrofoam used to support the motor/assembly during shipping were there but completely loose. It doesnt seem to wobble any more or less regardless of rpms. Do you think this I'd normal?

I get what is being said about the dust collector too but no space for it and dont want to invest that much $ into it. Really just want finer particles from settling literally everywhere in a 25x25x7.5 basement shop where I have lots of other things I dont want dusty.

Another question, how do I keep it from rusting?. It gets fairly humid in basement in summer. Other than a dehumidifier?

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