tool mobile bases wheel orientation
I have one of those Delta mobile bases where you supply the rails.  I'm going to use it on my bandsaw.  the normal way of using it is to put the wheels on the long axis, that way the machine doesn't tip too much when you move it.  But the bandsaw is pretty narrow, and the stand doesn't easily get that narrow.

Maybe I have already answered my question by noting the tippyiness problem, but has anyone ever used the wheels on the short axis?
  Re: tool mobile bases wheel orientation by EricU (I have one of those ...)
well, I got it on the base, not without incident.  It seems like it would probably be okay if I had the wheels on the short axis, but I probably will not do that right now. I had it tipped over pretty far, and it was still fairly stable, so I think I could move it safely at the slight angle that the base would put it at.

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