stairs need TWO railings?
(06-06-2018, 07:05 AM)varkpilot Wrote: Searched "IRC" & "stair railings" etc and found all kinds of requirements for stairs but nothing on when stairs require TWO railings.

[Probably the result of not entering right words in "search" window!]

No such code requirement?

Search the code book again for " guard rail" and then "grab rail" and you should find what you're looking for, they have different requirements.
When we renovated a space for our previous church, we had a sound booth that was 2 steps up, then onto the platform.  Don't remember how wide they were, but well under 48".

We were required to have:
2 Handrails
Each a return to the wall
Each end had to extend horizontal for 12" at the top and bottom of the handrails.

I get those are requirements for ADA where the stairs lead to a bathroom, building exit, etc...  I never understood why it was necessary for a sound booth.  There is no need for somebody who can't get up there to be there.  We had to build another wall to support that.  It was another thing in a long line of stupid code-related stuff that was a huge waste of money and time without adding any net benefit.

The walls had to be metal studs.  Wood to support the cabinets had to be fire retardant wood.  We were out of pink lumber when I went to put in the wood for the fire those were hung on non-fire retardant lumber.  It was covered with drywall before the inspector saw it, but I felt a small victory every time I saw those.

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