Oscillating saw blades
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(08-06-2018, 04:23 PM)daddo Wrote: Personally, I can't imagine cutting up to 14' of 3/4 with that tool.  It would be much easier and faster using a sawzall with a 10"-12" blade and just bend the blade into the cut to make it cut flush- or even a roto-zip tool with a flush cut blade.  With a little practice, you won't have anymore scars than with any other tool.


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(08-06-2018, 03:23 PM)Foggy Wrote: I'm going to pick up a Harbor Fright oscillating saw [Chicago Tool] vari-speed. This weekend $23 - 20% = $18.40. I saw an assortment pack of 14 blades, Rigid brand, $50 at Home depot. Are they worth carrying home?

I can't talk to those blades.  The price on that pack is less than $4/blade.  That seems about the going rate.

When it comes to oscillating saw blades, we have to keep in mind that those blades are disposable.  I tend to keep using them past their useful life.

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